Invited Speaker

Invited Speaker 1

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Shukor Sanim Mohd Fauzi


UiTM Perlis Branch

Topic: Mining Software Repositories to Investigate Socio-Technical Congruence in Software Engineering Projects

Software development has evolved to become more complex and distributed. This highlights the importance of coordination between developers, which is known to impact development performance. Measuring developer coordination is complex but being able to understand its role in software engineering projects requires an accepted way of measuring it. One approach used to conceptualize and measure coordination is known as ‘Socio-Technical Congruence’ (STC), which is the fit between required coordination and actual coordination measured as the proportion of actual coordination activities that occurred relative to the number of coordination activities that should have taken place (that is, required coordination). Research to-date suggests that STC is a useful predictor of development task performance in software projects. This talk exposes the audience on the basic concepts of STC and also will discuss the impact of STC in software engineering projects.

Invited Speaker 2

Intan Nuralisa Binti Mat Dali

Application Engineer

TechSource Systems

Topic: Efficiency at Its Best: The MATLAB Optimization Overview